specialty industries

Style is nothing without content, and each day our lives are filled with colorful dialogues. While most agencies are generalists, or focus on specific channels like digital or interior design, we spend our waking moments immersed in cultures and society. We use analytical research to interpret global indicators on lifestyle, habits and beliefs to conceive the foundations of a new brand or to elevate companies to the next phase of growth.


GEE Global specializes in ideas that inspire lifestyle businesses to achieve their full potential, and it’s our focused strategic insights and intimate collaborative style that set our capabilities apart from the rest.

Through our polished approach, we continue to create lifestyle brands that engage the hearts – and open minds – of audiences in F+B, boutique retail, resorts and hospitality, and causes across Asia Pacific and the world.

We understand audiences because we study and analyze hard data. But it’s also the way that we see a brilliantly nuanced world that is at the core of who we are and what we do in these specialty industries.


With increasing numbers of organizations operating in crowded issue spaces and competing for shrinking funding, nonprofits must find ways to differentiate or shift their brands to remain relevant.


We help restaurant groups and chef entrepreneurs by providing the vital intimate guidance and knowledgeable resources to launch a restaurant – profitably – or to redefine the brand.


The pursuit of healthier lifestyles drives as well-being flourishes with consumers focusing on self by attaining physical, mental and emotional wellness.


Our ear is to the ground. Our fingers are on the pulse of global economic conditions and how they affect luxury consumer travelers and HNWI property buyers.


We’re passionate about the retail experience and we’re focused on helping our client partners thrive in the rapidly-evolving retail marketplace.


The world of business is in constant motion. Clients' needs evolve. New competitors emerge. Regulators rewrite the rules. And, of course, technology changes everything.