the godown

The GoDown’s co-founder Audrey Lee, an interior designer, was tenacious in discovering that one special piece. Whether putting the final touch on an interior design project for clients or simply redecorating her own homes, Audrey’s impeccable taste led her to near and far destinations.

Amassing an ever-changing but exquisitely curated collection, Audrey had an idea: to make available and accessible unique home décor finds in transit to new homes with residents of Singapore and travellers from abroad. She came to GEE Global to bring her idea into modern day iteration.

The GoDown is a stylized, contemporary warehouse-like space brimming with a vast array of home items from re-found discoveries to new, contemporary furnishings and home accessories. Historically “godowns” were warehouse spaces in East Asia during the age of the Industrial Revolution of the 19th and into the 20th centuries designed for the loading and unloading of goods in transition to and from all parts of the world.

And today, The GoDown keeps true to its namesake — a retail space with unique collections of hand-selected home furnishings and accessories that mix genres and tastes but always spell the ultimate in the now.


— Brand strategy
— Corporate identity
Product Packaging Design
— Corporate collateral
— In-store collateral
Content creation and storytelling
Advertising campaigns & styling
— Photoshoot art direction
— Media relations
— Social media management
— eCommerce development
Email marketing strategy

GEE Glboal worked with The GoDown’s founder to create a distinctive brand identity that encompasses not just shopping, but lifestyle events aligned with the aesthetic and philosophy behind the brand.