GEE Global Health & Wellness Consulting for The Foot Practice Interior Design Waiting Room

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The Foot Practice envisioned growth beyond the existing clinics in the Central Business District (CBD), Novena, and Raffles Medical. Due to the global pandemic and Singapore Circuit Breaker government mandated closures, the CBD (where the main clinic is located) became a “ghost town” as companies required employees to work from home. As a non-essential service, the clinic had to refrain from seeing clients for two months. Revenues hovered at zero for virtually then entire second quarter of 2020.

The founding podiatrist saw an opportunity during this period to re-evaluate business operations, and approached GEE Global to help align brand, marketing and operational intiatives. And, our team knew exactly how to approach The Foot Practice’s brand refresh in preparation for re-opening.

GEE Global Health & Wellness Consulting for The Foot Practice Brand

Whilst employees in Singapore were working from home, we saw a trend across all media platforms in the number of people taking-up personal fitness (running, cycling, and other forms of exercise) to step away from their desk chairs and venture outdoors as a means to break monotonous “groundhog-like” days at home. And with new athletes, the incidence and prevelance of potential injuries would likely be on the upswing.

GEE Global’s new brand vision for The Foot Practice would focus on the brand philosophy of Get Active, Stay Active! speaking both to people living more active lifestyles and also the prevention of injuries. We relaunched a new image-rich website as part of a visual journey into the new world of being active to differentiate The Foot Practice from competitors. We shifted from a clinical healthcare provider to a health and wellness lifestyle brand.

We refurbished the interior space as a elevated living room filled with furnishings inspired by the color palettes from the streets of downtown – concrete greys, road asphalt black, globe street lights and greenery –  reinterpreted for a contemporary indoor space to bring warmth to combat the traditionally stark clinical experience.



GEE Global Health & Wellness Consulting for The Foot Practice Interior Design
GEE Global Health & Wellness Consulting for The Foot Practice Interior Design Waiting Room
GEE Global Small Business Consulting for The Foot Practice Podiatry Clinic

When it comes to personal wellness, lower limb, and foot issues, turn to The Foot Practice’s experienced podiatrist to get you moving and back on your feet with an effective treatment regimen. At The Foot Practice, you will receive specialized care for a wide range of foot conditions by internationally qualified podiatrists. From injury prevention and intervention advice to skin & nail treatments, practitioners diagnose and treat not only a client’s specific condition, but also work towards alleviating future foot issues when recommending an evidence-based therapeutic approach.