GEE Global F&B Branding for Sumitomo Chemical Asia Shido Leafy Greens

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Sumitomo Chemical Asia, the regional headquarters for the Sumitomo Chemical group, came to GEE Global with an idea to see whether Singapore could sustain locally-grown leafy greens in order to support the company’s Health & Crop Sciences business division and emerging agricultural technology. The goals were manifold, which included: market research, identifying target markets and distribution channels, pricing strategy, and developing a proof-of-concept branded retail product.

GEE Global F&B Branding for Sumitomo Chemical Asia Shido Leafy Greens

GEE Global identified wholesalers, retailers and food services as the primary sales targets and distribution channels for locally-grown leafy greens. We trended decision drivers for these sales targets. We analyzed the competitive pricing strategy of wholesalers, importers and retailers with imported offerings down to the price per kg; and, interviewed chefs at restaurant groups and hotels to gauge potential market size.

We named the commercial brand Shīdo (seed in Japanese) to represent the idea of getting back to basics – the foundation of any produce – with 7 product variations.



Peak Freshness, Nutritiously Tasty and Always in Season Because We’re Local.
Singapore’s freshest source of healthy leafy greens is handpicked at peak freshness. Delivered the same day to local grocers and restaurants, our aim is to maximize taste, nutrition and food value with minimal loss of vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Clean air, fresh water and bright natural light is all it takes to grow our hydroponic greens in a hygienic and sustainable environment. And all of this happens right here in Singapore.

Buying Local Matters
Strengthen your community by buying local. Locally grown food is just what it sounds like – food grown right here in Singapore. The produce is packed with freshness, quality-assured, and traceably-safe back to the source. Plus the fresh produce from our local farms travels a shorter distance reducing the amount of nutrients lost during transportation because it’s handpicked where we live.



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Sumitomo Chemical Asia’s Health & Crop Sciences Sector is responsible for the manufacture and sale of chemical/biorational pesticides, fertilizers, feed additives, insecticides for household and pest control, as well as active pharmaceutical ingredients and intermediates. With the world population steadily increasing, food production is more critical than ever. These products assist the agricultural industry, moving toward stabilizing the yield of crops and livestock, preventing the spread of infectious diseases, and sustaining human lives around the world.