GEE Global F&B Branding for METIS Restaurant & Gallery Bali

métis, an entirely sensory dining experience

Entrepreneurs Said Alem and Chef Nicolas “Doudou” Tourneville” came to GEE Global with an idea for a new restaurant venture that would eclipse their previous establishment, Kafe Warisan, a world-renowned restaurant with an 18-year legacy. MÉTIS Restaurant & Gallery was conceived, but our team’s work had just begun with merely two short months before the planned grand opening and without a brand or identity beyond the restaurant’s name.

The goals included developing an identity that would be resilient and recognized instantly, cultivating loyal Kafe Warisan patrons and drawing them to MÉTIS, and launching the new brand to the global market. From the corporate identity and collateral design to media relations and advertising campaigns, GEE moved the new brand away from traditional restaurant marketing into an experiential lifestyle concept, creating an instant iconic brand recognized by travellers throughout the world.


— Brand strategy
— Corporate identity design
— Product packaging design
— Corporate collateral design
— Content creation and storytelling
— Advertising campaigns & styling
— Photoshoot Art Direction
— Public relations
— Email marketing strategy

GEE Global F&B Industry Expertise METIS Bali Ad Campaign

The results of a two-month “Coming Soon” campaign generating more than 1,000 new email contacts via the coming-soon microsite; guerrilla marketing creating direct exposure to more than 7,500 individual travellers; and, earned editorial media placements in more than twenty publications across Asia-Pacific before the opening day. Since opening night (and virtually still to date) every seat in the 200+ pax establishment remains filled. The MÉTIS brand became instantly iconic eclipsing the success of owners’ previous restaurant venture.

Together, GEE Global and the MÉTIS team developed a brand rooted in a sensory dining experience that embraced the sheer pleasures of living. The brand campaign forever shifted advertisements in Bali by focusing on an experience – a secret shared between three women as they departed after exciting evening at MÉTIS – moving away from food shots and images restaurants with empty seats.