We launch our client partners’ businesses and guide them through the entire lifecycle: from the initial idea to market research and financial budgeting; to project managing architects and designing interior spaces; creating the visual brand identity system and media launches; digital socialsphere management; and, post-launch activities, database marketing strategies and operational refinements.


GEE Global helps inspired lifestyle companies engage consumers and communicate brand purpose. We use strategic and creative intelligence to create and connect brands and people through products, services and experiences. Our brand strategy expertise across various specialties and industries helps us to build brands that people love – one brand at a time.


A brand name is the beginning of a conversation, the launch of the story. It’s easy to think that anyone can come up with a good name. But for our team, it’s a quantitatively creative approach that requires experience across many fields. At GEE Global, naming is a serious business: we have a flair for coming up with company and product names that are globally relatable – and sticky.


We create concepts, products, and services that transform brands. We help to drive, shift or evolve a concept from an initial idea to a commercially viable business concept. Once we have set the direction, we add the creative strategies to turn an idea into market reality, from brand names to visual identities, and from spatial interior design to the external socialsphere. We’re a single consultancy firm who project manages every aspect of a new business.


Numbers don’t lie, but demographics don’t tell the whole story either. That’s why we dig a bit deeper to gather insights and cultural trends. We examine global indicators – in the media, fashion, design, the food industry and politics – anything that provides insight – to help us decipher underlying behaviors driving macro and micro true trends, and to distinguish between true trends and short-term fads. Identifying long-standing emerging insights is one of our consultancy’s core strengths in creating the sustainable concepts and actionable business insights to create and drive a brand.


We support client partners to communicate the story of your brand. Our access to media, our ability to ideate creative story angles, and our highly-targeted social media approach provide client partners with well-rounded solutions through every phase of a campaign’s development cycle.


At its core, branding is storytelling. We craft the compellingly engaging brand stories necessary to build that most elusive of brand engagements.. We make sure your brand is not only seen and read – but embraced by people. Great creative work is a given, but the power of authentic relationships sits at the heart of brand stories.


We support client partners through traditional media relations and building relationships with new media influencers. Our direct access to top media contacts across lifestyle and business industries, our ability to ideate creative story angles, and our targeted approach to reach global, regional and local A-List media in Asia-Pacific, the United States and Europe.


Channels and technologies evolve … meaningful content endures. Storytellers at heart, our team captures the visual feel and written voice of a client partner’s brand story to showcase it in a way that really matters to audiences. When brands effectively share their unique story across the right mix of channels to engaged audiences new communities surface to embrace and champion brands. Unfortunately, many businesses or organizations lack the time, money or expertise. That’s where we fill the gap.


Our design is purposeful, to help brands engage their consumer so they can build awareness, create conversation and drive brand consideration. We like to work closely with client partners to create intelligent creative results.


We design iconic corporate + visual identity systems for lifestyle, corporate, nonprofit and small business brands. Creating a strategic branded identity is a specialized skillset: our mission is to deliver creative strategies and designs that are clear and simple, yet richly memorable and connective.


We work closely with our client partners to create collateral + packaging designs that sell. From creating unique designs for new products or packaging makeovers for an established consumer package good, the breadth of our experience across any medium – from shelf stand-out to showcasing on print and online – speaks volumes. Combining the inspirational and the practical, our branding and packaging design team works across the spectrum from original concept to refresh design concepts and everything in between, capturing your entire brand in one powerful, mindful design.


In each project we are committed to engaging the public’s emotional response, working passionately to deliver highly memorable visual presentations. At GEE Global we combine thoughtful strategy with artistic intelligence to conceive highly creative campaigns that deliver growth and enhance our clients’ businesses. Together with our strategy recommendations, trend insights and brand positioning, the combination of creative and business strategy fuse.


We elevate brands by capturing moments in time for consumers through photography. It is a little unusual for a firm like ours to have a photographer of counsel. But it works well for us and – most important – for our client partners. We specialize in architecture, luxury goods, lifestyle, and hospitality imagery.


Our capabilities are defined by the fusion of aesthetics, ideas, and the spoken and written word. Strategy builds the foundation for all the work done at GEE Global and ours is always born out of simple, believable truth with authenticity and purpose. A brand’s presence – online, on the streets, or in print – is an integral component of the business strategy. From visual identities to print, broadcast and fully integrated digital campaigns, we amplify brand experiences to enhance reach and engagement capability.


Relevance. Engagement. Acquisition. Loyalty. Retention. Attrition. As content becomes an increasingly essential component of customer brand interaction, precise planning and execution of content strategy is key. Creating the right content strategy moves customers closer to brands and adds value to their lives. We help client partners build ongoing relationships with customers and audiences via strategic content channels populated with fresh, insightful and creatively relevant content.


Data informs marketing. Content drives data. And it all comes back full circle in an ongoing holistic approach. From identifying multiple data sources, to the marketing of a database to deliver targeted marketing messages to your audience, we fuel our creative intelligence and storytelling with metric-based insight.


Some client partners prefer to utilize our services as an ongoing extension of their marketing communications departments, while others require specific expertise for a specific campaign. We partner with clients to extend all aspects of their internal communications and external consumer touch points.


We see social as a place for unique and exclusive conversations to engage consumers. Our capabilities include creative concepting, community management, content calendars, editorial, design, and media. We’re experts in providing targeted messages that get loved and shared by our client partners’ audiences. We create conversations between brands and customers through timely, relevant and original branded content.


We take pride in our ability to deliver in every aspect of interactive, from designing creatively-rich Websites and building customized content management systems to tell stories through distinctive editorially visual and textual content.


Physical spaces still make a big impact in today’s world. Our strength is the ability to seamlessly combine spatial design with brand identity, digital and storytelling to create holistic experiences for lifestyle brands. We manage the entire process, from providing advice on optimum use of financial budgets, managing the scope of work for contractors, and project scheduling, to working with interior designers to create spaces and source or manufacture custom FF+E with the brand strategy embedded in every stage of the spatial design.