our culture

What can a privately-held, boutique consultancy do to inspire individuals and businesses to reach their potential?  More than even we can imagine, especially when passionate individuals unite with visionary brands.

At the end of the day, people matter. Creating bonds and connecting with people across all types of community is a core strategy embedded into our organization and our approach to brand construction.

GEE Global Strategic Brand Design Singapore

committed to people

We have a “glocal” mindset. By creating a strategic micro-network of insanely talented individuals, GEE Global has both global consistency and local market relevancy.  We are nimble enough to work with small businesses; and, have the cohesive expertise to bring revenue generating ideas to life for global brands.


GEE Global Strategic Brand Design Singapore

trend forward

We’re hungry for new knowledge, so we scour the world to understand prevailing and emerging long-term trends rooted in human culture. We apply our thought-forward research into marketing communications programs for clients, as well as within own organization.

GEE Global Strategic Brand Design Singapore Culture


For us, innovation is not just about a better process: it is a way of thinking embedded in our culture. We generate groundbreaking ideas, enhancing our ability to deliver long-lasting results for client partners. We embrace our drive for continued knowledge and incubate our own projects from services, products, brands and technologies.

GEE Global Brand Strategy Consulting Firm Singapore Pulse of Brand Trends